The following licence error has occurred while running this software:The "licence.lic" file within this installation contains an invalid product key (DCAA234CD1D96A67E8300B7BEFA9C9FB6BB811A0F8CAE09D9826A214CAA7).

Check this value against the product key on your purchase page in your script admin area.

This may be due to entering the key incorrectly on licence creation or you may have re-installed the software again, which created a new key.

If you have re-installed, please update your product key and re-download the licence again.
If the above message wasn`t helpful, you should first see if a solution is in the software documentation ("docs" folder).

If that doesn`t help, please post on the support forums at Maian Script World for FREE support.

If you have paid for a commercial licence, please send a message via the Licence Centre, thank you.

We apologise for any inconvenience and hope this issue is resolved as soon as possible.

David Ian Bennett(Lead Developer - Maian Script World)